Service Level Management and Business Hours

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Our Current business hours for our HQ location is Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. I have been noticing that our SLAs have not yet been activated, even though, some are beyond the SLA timer. 

For example:

We had an issue created on Nov. 20th and the SLA notification did not activate until today. It looks like the SLA calculates the business hours instead of advancing the business day

Here is some napkin math to prove out this point: 
  • Approximately 19 days for the SLA to take effect. 
  • 9 Hour 'business day' 
  • 9 hours X 19 days = 171 Hours / 24 hours = approximately 7 days total
Having the SLAs set up in this way is not intuitive and it would make more sense to advance the 'day' based on the work hours set for that location. Giving us the option to 'use business hours' becomes much more complicated as we will need to calculate the number or hours, rather than using the logical work days. (IE: Monday = 1 day, Tuesday = 1 day, etc.)

Is this functionality intended? What is the logic behind only advancing the days based on 24 hours (which could be close to 3 days of business hours), instead of advancing the day based on the selected business hours?

Thanks for the input and feedback!

Craig Stockman