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Product update: Run a process in a Service Request based upon variables input

Discussion created by Yuval Pecht Employee on Dec 29, 2014
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We have just added a new capability to the creation of processes in the Service Catalog.

Now, when creating a catalog item, you can define the process within to be based on the input of the variables of the catalog item.

As part of this enhancement, we have also added support for multi picklist variables for the service catalog.

This enhancement supports the variables: drop down, multi picklist, checkbox, site and department.

Why do you need this?

With this new capability you can now define complex Catalog Items which can be more in line with your own business processes.

For example:

  • Based on a checkbox input - sent to different approval workflows;

  • Or, based on a multi picklist - for each subset of choices a user makes - route them to different groups as tasks.

  • A more complex example could be a combination of site as a first variable (e.g. US) and compounded with also a checkbox (e.g. yes/no) - in this case since these are different variables - the combination of them would result in an ?OR? statement - i.e. If user belongs to site US and checkbox was marked with YES - then do X.

How do we define these new conditions?


When creating a new catalog item (or updating an existing one), you can now define per task or approval its dependencies. These can be compound dependencies, i.e. adding multiple conditions for a task or an approval. In such cases, when adding multiple options for the same variable, these are added with the logic of ?OR? and when adding multiples of different variables then the logic is AND.


See screenshot below for illustration of the ?Add condition? action in the process:



This is followed by choosing per task (or approval) the combination of variables and its value - as per screenshot below:



See also example of a compound condition:



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