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Product update: notifications

Discussion created by Yuval Pecht Employee on Jun 23, 2014
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Modern applications makes it easier for users to take actions on events in their accounts. Whether its a new email in Gmail or a new Incident or Task assigned to you in your service desk, our goal is to streamline your work process and make it easy to get the job done.

Introducing the new notification system - Samanage users will now receive instant notifications on new activities requiring their attention: new incidents assigned to the user, a new comment on your incidents, or tasks activities and much more.

How does it work?

When a new event requires your attention you will see a visual notification at the upper left area with the number of unseen notifications.

Clicking on the notification bell expands the list of notifications:

The notification quick panel shows all read and unread notifications: unread notifications are highlighted with a grey background and an ?eye? icon next to each notification. Viewed notifications are marked as read, and the user can mark all notifications as read. Users can  easily navigate to the related incident or task, or view the user originating the notification.

Users can also click on the ?See all notifications? to get to the detailed notification summary page:


Supported EventsThe new notification capability currently supports the following events:

1. Incident created - Assignee is notified when a new incident is received and is assigned to that user (or user that is a member of a group). The behaviour follows the incident assignment flows as defined in the Categories and default assignee.

2. Incident assigned to you - Assignee is notified when a member of the service desk team manually assigns an incident to that assignee. 

3. Task created (in incident  context) - Assignee is notified when a task is created and assigned to that user (or user that is a member of a group).

4. Incident status changed - Assignee is notified when the status of an incident changes. Notifications can be fine tuned by navigating to the setup / notification section.

5. Incident has a new comment - Assignee is notified when an incident he owns has a new comment.

We are working hard to add support for additional events - leave your feedback in the comment section below!

Other use cases:

  • When the initiator of the event is the assignee, a notification is not sent.

  • When the assignee is a group, the notification is sent to all members of that group.

  • When the service desk has no assignee, but there is an option for ?send notification to? (setup->categories section in the ?default assignee? section) -- the notification will be sent to the users in the group that was defined in this parameter.

  • The notification history timeframe is one week back.  Older notifications are archived and are not available to the user.

At your service!

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