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Product update: Using Samanage fields as variables in custom fields.

Discussion created by Yuval Pecht Employee on Nov 20, 2014
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We have added a new capability that can be used in custom fields. You can now call a field in Samanage and use that as a variable within a custom field.

For example, a computer asset has an ip_address field value (which is the computer?s ip address) and a custom field (of type text) which is called "Support URL", I can now use the IP address in a URL.

Use Cases

  • Remote Support - A dedicated URL with a dynamic field for the IP of the asset to connect to (as in the example below

  • Calling a 3rd party application while passing parameters to it - For example, calling a monitoring system while passing to it parameters such as user name of an asset.

  • Calling open service on the web for ping and or trace route while passing along IP address of assets.

How to use it:

Example of activating a URL which contains the IP of an asset

  1. I create a custom field called "Support URL" and add it to the form of the Computers module.

  2. In the custom field of "Support URL" I enter: "http://$$ip_address$$:8080/login"

  3. When we will call upon the custom field of "Support URL" - we will receive the actual value from $$ip_address$$ field filled into the space in the Support URL field.

To see this in work, you can then go to a single computer - for example from the index view and choose to add first these two columns to the index view. Once these two columns are there, click on the edit computer action and fill in the value as described above for this specific computer. Once you save them, the new values will now appear in the index view.

The next step for mass deployment would be to fill in the field called "Support URL" using the mass update capability in the index view.

Example of calling a custom field from another custom field

Another example could be to call one custom field from another custom field - for example, we would add a field of type drop down called "Choose_name" with three values of names (e.g. Mike, John, Anne) and then add another field of type text which you could then fill in with the value: "Hello $$Choose_name$$ - welcome to the Change process." We would then add these fields to the Change form.

Supported Fields

This capability supports the "text", "text area" and "drop down" fields and all of the specific component's default fields for Computers and Incidents.

Supported fields for Computers:

  • id

  • name

  • ip_address

  • operating_system

  • operating_system_version

  • processor_type, memory

  • domain

  • username

  • asset_tag

  • tag

  • created_at

  • updated_at

  • detected_at

  • bios_serials

  • address

  • notes

Supported fields for Incidents:

  • id

  • number

  • state_string

  • name

  • requester

  • priority_string

  • incident_type

  • incident_sub_type

  • due_at

  • created_at

  • updated_at

  • tag_list

  • description

  • assignee

  • problem_id (related problems)

  • itsm_change_ids (related changes)

  • customer_satisfied_yes_no

  • resolution_text

  • resolved_at

  • closed_at

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