Delivery Time with Complex Workflows

Discussion created by on Dec 2, 2014
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I have some concerns with the Delivery Time calculation when using multiple layers of approval and task assignment. 

We have a workflow with multiple approvals and processes, which depend on the approval or declining of a particular step. Here is an example of a new Cell Phone Request via the Service Catalog. 

If our site manager has a cell phone in stock, they will approve the request which will change the workflow to simply assign a task to the assignee for deployment. (9 Day Delivery)

If they decline the request (no phone in inventory), then the workflow will go to the CIO for approval of the phone purchase. Once approved, it is then sent to the local IT team for purchase. (11 Day Delivery)

The Delivery time is adding up all these steps, despite the fact that it could end in just a few steps. This leads to an inflated delivery time that could be concerning to our users. For this example, if the phone was in inventory, the delivery time would be just 9 days at the maximum, instead of the listed 15-17 days.