How to Use Tags to Build Reports

Discussion created by Employee on Nov 21, 2014
Tagging assets, incidents, contracts, etc. in Samanage can be a very useful tool to associate similar items together and can also be quite useful when running reports.  The first thing we want to do is make sure that auto-tagging is on by going to Setup->Service Desk and checking ?Enable automatic tagging?.  This will ensure that the service desk automatically tags incidents with key words that it finds.

You can also manually add tags in a few different ways:

In a specific incident:


In an asset record:


Or by clicking ?Update? from your main queues, you can add a tag to multiple items at once:


The use case behind tagging assets is if John Smith has a computer, a monitor, a docking station, etc., you could tag them all with "JohnSmithEquipment" to easily search for it all later.

Once your different items are tagged, you can search for them with the search bar in the top right hand corner of your screen.  You will get a screen that shows all related items that have been tagged with what you searched for:


You can also run reports to see all incidents with a certain tag from a certain time frame.  For instance, if you had an email outage and wanted to see all of the tickets that were submitted that might be pertaining to that:


Other examples of this could include issues related to specific pieces of software or applications, network outages, printers not working, etc.

There are plenty of reasons to keep track of things that are similar with these tags.  What kind of tags do you usually use to ensure you?re associating similar items in Samanage that need to be correlated?