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Samanage Use Cases outside of IT

Discussion created by Oz Merchant Administrator on Nov 12, 2014
Over the year(s), here are some of the use cases customers have shared with me on how they use Samanage outside of IT. What are some of your use cases outside of IT?

HR Use

  • Temp Services Needed
  • Name Change
  • Address Change
  • Dependents Change
  • Tax Form Changes
  • Department Transfer
Facilities Use

  • Restock First Aid Kit
  • Report Spill
  • Office Setup
  • Key (Fob) Replacement
  • HVAC Issues
  • Bulb Replacement
  • Monthly Fire Extinguisher Check
  • Monthly recurring alert to restock printer/copier supply closet
  • Order new kitchen supplies
Telecommunication Use
  • Phone Setup
  • New Jack Setup
Procurement Use
  • Purchase Request
  • New Vendor Setup
Marketing Use

  • Buy New Domains
  • Web Banner Approval
Catering Use

  • Lunch Voucher
  • Catering Request

  • Travel Approval
  • Lunch Voucher
  • Airport shuttle request

  • Product package complaints
  • Product quality complaints routed to Manufacturing/QA team
  • Field reps sending tickets to the Manufacturing team

  • Monthly recurring tasks for department heads to submit expenses to Finance