Product Change: CloudMailin Migration of Dropbox Email Addresses

Discussion created by 6407570 on Sep 9, 2014

We are in the final stages of completing our migration to CloudMailin for handling incoming email for our Service Desk customers.  We have previously communicated this upcoming change via email and phone calls to the affected customers.


What is changing?


We are moving to a new service for processing incoming email sent to Samanage Service Desk dropbox email addresses.  This new service is powered by CloudMailIn, one of the leading providers of email processing for cloud based applications.  As a result, the dropbox email address in your account is changing.


Why is it changing?


We are making this change so we can provide a better level of service to you, our customers.  The CloudMailin solution provides us with a solution the easily scales as we continue to grow both in the number of customers and the volume of emails that we process


What do I need to do?


You need to update any forwarding rules you have in place that are using the old dropbox email address to the new dropbox email address.   The old email dropbox email address is still show in your account for reference and is the format: {accountname}-{hash}@samanage.com.   The new email dropbox email address is also based on the account name, and is in the format: support@{accountname}.samanage.com.




Old Format: acmedemo-d45f161eb95@samanage.com


New Format: support@acmedemo.samanage.com


If you have created additional email drobboxes based on categories or subcategories, those will now be of the format: {category}@{accountname}.samanage.com or {category}+{subcategory}@{accountname}.samanage.com and will need to be updated in any forwarding ruled you have created for those drobboxes.




Category HR: HR@acmedemo.samanage.com


Category HR & Subcategory Payroll: HR+Payroll@acmedemo.samanage.com


When do I need to make this change?


Currently, both the old and new dropbox email addresses are functional, so you can make the change to the new dropbox email address at anytime.  We do not have plans to disable the old dropbox email addresses, but we cannot guarantee they will continue to function after October 15th 2014.


What if I need help with making the change?


If you need assistance, you can contact Samanage Support using one of the following methods:


Web:  http://support.samanage.com


Email: support@samanage.com


Phone: 1-888-250-8971 or +1-919-371-2990