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Discussion created by Ronald Koons on Sep 3, 2014
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I am working on reconciling my AutoCAD software. I have 8 copies of Building Design Suite 2014, Premium.


This package includes 10 major programs all of which get installed.


I also have 5 copies of Building Design suite 2014, Standard.


This package includes 7 Major programs: all of which get installed AND, all 7 are also included in the Premium Package.


This makes reconciling the software and creating contracts difficult.


It would be nice if there was a way to manually group specific programs based upon what is installed on a given machine to create a tag that represents the entire collection or Suite.


For example:


The Premium package includes a program called Revit that the Standard does not include. Now, I can search for all workstations that have Revit on it, and know that these machines have the Premium package installed. Once I reconcile based upon this, the system will include the Revit program but none of the other 9 on that machine that are a part of the package.


Then, If I now want to reconcile for the installs of the Standard package, I will get all 13 machines (8 premium and 5 standard) because the standard suite of programs that I can search for are all included on the Premium installed machines as well. There is presently no way to tell the difference as I can see. 


On the other hand:


If I searched for Revit, and then labeled all the programs on those machines that I know are a part of the premium package as being a part of the "Suite Tag" called "Building Design Suite Premium", that would eliminate those 8 machines, allowing me to search for the remaining 5 machines based upon other criteria that is common to the Standard package.


Then, when it came time to create a contract, I would pick the Tag "Building Design Suite Premium", and the system would know that the entire collection of programs on any given machine with this tag is one instance of the package, and would show 8 copies.


At present, I think I can work around this, but the results are sloppy as not all of the programs are included.