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Product update: Site Manager as approver

Discussion created by Yuval Pecht Employee on Sep 9, 2014
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We have just released an update to the approval process for Service Catalog. You are now able to define a site manager per site (under setup -> organization) and then use said site manager as an approver in a Service Catalog Item process.


How is this useful?


If you wish to create for example a Catalog Item for ?Transatlantic Travel Approval?. In this case, the process would require first the approval of the requesters manager but it also (according to corporate policy in this example) requires the requester?s site manager?s approval as well.


See following screenshot for setting up the site manager in Setup -> Organization:



See following screenshot of adding the site manager as an approver to the process in a catalog item:



Once this is added, when this catalog item is requested, the process will kick off and send an approval task to the incident requester's site manager as was defined in the setup.
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