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Product update: Recurring Service Catalog requests

Discussion created by Yuval Pecht Employee on Aug 4, 2014
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You can now schedule recurring Service Catalog items to automatically issue requests per a set schedule. New requests will appear as incidents in your service desk on the set schedule.


A few examples:


1. Order office supplies - create a weekly recurring service request to order office supplies once a week or on Monday.


2. Submit expense reports - create a monthly recurring service request to remind you to submit an expense reports.


3. Check the backup jobs - schedule a service request to remind you or a team member to review the backup job every monday. Include the list of backup jobs in the process steps to make sure every backup is reviewed.


Scheduling Service Catalog items


To set the schedule for a catalog item, you can either press the new ?Schedule request? icon in the Service Catalog index view on the actions column, see screenshot below,



or from within the catalog item view mode - as per screenshot below:



You can then go ahead and adjust the recurrence pattern as well as the rest of the catalog item variables:



Once the recurrence has been scheduled, you can view the list of scheduled recurrences in the catalog item?s view screen:



From there, they can be edited or deleted - see below:



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