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Product update: "CC me" in incidents view & edit modes

Discussion created by Yuval Pecht Employee on Aug 13, 2014
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We have just added the capability for a user in the application to quickly add himself as a CC to an incident in both view and edit modes.


Why is this useful?


If I am viewing or editing an incident which is not assigned to me but I want to be ?in the loop? on the incident, I can quickly add myself as a CC without having to manually look up my name.


How to add myself as a CC in incident view mode?


When viewing an incident, you can quickly add yourself as a CC to the incident by pressing the ?CC me? button next to the CC field - as per the screenshot below:



Once added, I can also quickly remove myself by pressing the ?Remove me? button - see below:



How to add myself as a CC in incident edit mode?


This is also similar in edit mode. I can now quickly click the ?CC me? link which will add me to the CC list  - see below:



It is important to note that as opposed to view mode where the change is automatically updated, in edit mode I have to actually update the incident for the change to be saved by pressing the ?Update Incident? button at the bottom.


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