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Product Update: Multiple Approvers in Change/Release

Discussion created by Oz Merchant Administrator on Jun 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2014 by 6011364

We are excited to announce the option to choose multiple approvers for both Changes and Releases.

Select Multiple Approvers and criteria
When editing a Change or Release, you can now choose to have multiple approvers (either a user or a group) and an Approval criteria from one of the following:

  • Only one approver is required
  • All approvers are required
  • Majority of approvers are required (more than 50%)

Submitting for approval
When submitting a Change or Release for approval, the following takes place:

  1. Approval notifications are sent via email to all approving users, or users that are members of approving groups
  2. Users can approve or reject a change by clicking on the links in the email. Samanage will record the users? ?vote?
  3. Users can login to the app to approve/reject changes, and view the status of all other approvers


Checking Status and Audit


Users can always check on the status of approval requests via the application. Votes are also recorded in the audit section to make it easier to track all approval actions. Audits for adding/removing approvers, and approve/reject votes are recorded.



Resubmitting Approval Requests


When a Change or Release was rejected, users can edit the Change/Release and resubmit it for approval. Resubmitting a change or release resets all existing votes.