Webinar: From Zero to Hero: The Path To IT Service Excellence Webinar Follow Up Questions

Discussion created by 6472333 on May 29, 2014

We had many great questions come from our recent webinar, From Zero to Hero: The Path to IT Service Excellence, held on Tuesday, May 27, 2014. Shvonne Williams, Director of IT Services at MediFit has answered the rest of the questions asked during the webinar. 

Webinar Questions:


1. Can you describe the size of your environment?


We have approximately 1,000 employees that have access to MediFit technology and would interact with the Solutions Center on a regular basis. However, we have a total of about 3,000 employees. Our entire employee population would potentially interact with the other functional areas of MediFit that use Samanage. 


2. How much ITSM training did you have to roll out? The framework versus the specific tool?


For our end users we sent a company wide email twice.  That included instructions on how to login and what was available to them via the self service portal. We also provided instructions on how they could use what was available to them. 


Our IT technicians had a one hour meeting with our Customer Success Manager from Samanage where we went over the features and they answered any questions we had. 


I had a 45 minute crash course with the other employees in MediFit that would use Samanage as a technician.  I went over the basics of answering tickets and creating service catalog items with that team.  They took off from there. They asked me a few basic questions after that one training session but they used the tool successfully without issue.  I think part of that success was that they immediately starting using the tool after training.  They were able to apply what they learned right away.


3. Since you moved to Google apps - are you still keeping AD?


We do not use AD for Samanage anymore.  We only use Google Apps single sign on, it's MUCH easier.  All we have to do is check a checkbox in the settings of Samanage and Google Apps single sign on is enabled.


4. Is the user able to update their own ticket in the portal?


Yes. End users can also see past tickets they have entered.  Samanage also provides you with a lot of configuration options so you can determine additional things you want end users to be able to do. 


5. Can you correspond with other analysts through email on a ticket?


I'm not sure I 100% understand this question.  I?ll take a stab at rephrasing and answering. If I enter a ticket in the self service portal, can I later correspond with the technician working on my ticket via email or do I have to login every time??


You do not have to login every time.  You can reply via email.  There is a part of the email that indicates anything written above that line when replying will be attached to the ticket as an additional comment. 


In addition, MediFit has our system configured so people can submit a ticket via the self service portal or send a direct email to us.  The email will filter into our general support queue just like the ticket sent via the self service portal will.


6. Being branded as providing strategic value to our company is a nice thought, but our executive team is all about the bottom line.  What kind of metrics do you (suggest) track(ing) to report back your overall ROI?


At times when you look to switch from an in-house solution to a cloud service the costs of the cloud service are more at first and that could turn the executive team off. What we had to do was show the overall cost savings. Current solution costs including software license and maintenance, hardware costs, hardware maintenance costs, human resource costs (which are often pretty high when considered), if you don't already have SLAs regarding uptime that you're able to keep up with (we didn't) you have to consider the cost of lost productivity. When you compare that with a monthly or annual cost over one to five years, the winner is pretty clear.


7. Do you have any advice for how to scale your Lessons Learned based on the size and budget of a company?s IT department?


Having a brand a thinking about how you are perceived would apply at any size.  From a one person show to a team of 100. You still need to think about that brand and look at an ITSM tool that will help you get and stay there.


If you missed the webinar, you can watch it on demand at this link. As always we appreciate feedback or questions.