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Product Update: Close related items

Discussion created by Yuval Pecht Employee on May 18, 2014

Starting today, when trying to close (resolve) an incident, problem, change or release, if the item has related incidents, problems, changes or releases, you will be notified of these open related items and be given the opportunity to close them as well.

The related items for each item in question will be shown according to ITIL methodology where an incident is included in a problem which is part of a change which is scoped to a release and also when an incident is directly attached to a change.

For example:

  • For releases -  When closing we will show related changes, problems and incidents.

  • For changes - When closing we will show related problems and incidents

  • For problems - When closing we will show related incidents

  • For incidents - When resolving we will show related incidents.

When closing an item from the ?view? mode, you will be presented with the suggestion to close related items immediately after changing the item state to closed in the drop down menu - see following screenshot in edit mode:



From the suggestion - you will be able to choose which of the related items you wish to close (if any) - see following screenshot:



When closing an item in ?edit? mode, the suggestion to close related items will be displayed only after changing the item?s state in the drop-down menu and updating it by pressing the ?Update? button.


It is important to note that with incidents, their state will change to resolved and not closed, since only the requester can close his incident.


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