Print QR codes in advance

Discussion created by 6011364 on May 15, 2014
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Sometimes you want to print a batch of QR codes and also have them for future machines. This is possible! As long as you have a clear naming convention! For machines in Samanage you can use the QR book of course. See here for more details on that.
The url to a computer can be like this:

-         https://ACCOUNTNAME.samanage.com/hardwares?view=show&name=MACHINENAME

-         https:// ACCOUNTNAME.samanage.com/hardwares/ID-MACHINENAME

So the first one can be used for machines that are not in Samanage yet, and you could generate the QR codes for those in advance. The 2nd has the ID which is an internal number which is assigned when the machine is added.