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Product Update: Enabling SSL on custom domain names

Discussion created by Yuval Pecht Employee on Feb 4, 2014
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We are introducing an enhanced way to enable Secure Socket Layer (SSL) on custom domain names for the self-service portal using your own certificate.

Why you need a custom domain name? Custom domain names lets you publish a personalized self-service portal, for example support.yourcompany.com. By default, when you use Samanage we will create a personalized domain name for you at yourcompany.samanage.com. So custom domain name would look more familiar and well, customized, to your users.

Where is this setup?
Setting up custom domain is under the setup menu, see following screenshot:

What is changing?
With the new way to enable encrypted communications via SSL on custom domain names, you get to host your custom domain name on a secure connection and can use https access to your support.yourcompany.com site.

The Process of enabling SSL on your custom domain

To enable SSL encryption on your custom domain name, we have to host your SSL certificate for you on our system. Please note that before defining a custom domain in Samanage, you should define it in your own company's DNS server settings.

Should you choose to enable SSL on your custom domain, you will be required to follow a four step process:

1. You will need to create a Certificate Request by filling the form with the required fields and submit the form, see following screenshots of the filled form an generated certificate request - Filled form:

Generated Certificate Request:

2. The next step would be to copy the Certificate Request that was just generated and paste it into your chosen Certificate Authority vendors form. On their site, you will receive, after due process and payment, the actual Certificate.

3. Once you obtain the new Certificate from the Certificate Authority, come back to this page and paste the Certificate into the form and submit it for processing - see following screenshot:

4. The final step of processing will take approximately 48 hours. This time is required for us to deploy the new Certificate on our servers. You will be notified via email once the process is completed. You will then also notice the updated status on this page. See following screenshot of pending state and success state:



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