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Product Update: Changes to incident resolution flow

Discussion created by Yuval Pecht Employee on Mar 4, 2014
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We have recently made a change to the flow of incident resolution. The key drivers are:

1. The incident view mode is intended to provide quick changes only - similar to the inline editing from the list view. We want to make sure that changes are done only in edit mode except for quick status changes.

2. Prevent a case where multiple email notifications are sent to end users when (a) changing the incident status to ?resolved? and (b) when adding an incident resolution.

The details of the change are as follows:

When we use the dropdown to change the incident state to ?Resolved? - as in the screenshot below - we no longer offer the option to add the Resolution Description:

In order to add the resolution description, you should enter edit mode on the incident, as in the following screenshot:

This change is in line with our continuous strive to improve our usability. The longer term plan is to update the view incident screen and have it merge with the edit incident screen so that all changes can be done inline in one screen. We acknowledge that this communication arrives after the fact and hope this clarifies our intent in the change of behavior.

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