Upcoming: changes to categorization of incidents & service catalog

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We are in the final stages of releasing an upgrade to categorization of incidents and service requests. The planned enhancement will affect both incidents and service requests (from the Service Catalog).

What is changing?

Incidents and service catalog will share the same service categories, and allow for subcategories. Categorization of both incidents and service requests will be defined in the setup section.

Example use-cases:

  • You will now be able to classify service catalog requests to the HR category with sub-category of new employee, termination or 401k request? - this will enable your users to easily find what they need

  • You will be able to create categories for incidents such as Business Apps with subcategories of: SAP, Salesforce or ERP - this will enable your service desk employees to better navigate their work

  • You will be able to get better granularity in your reporting when using categories and subcategories such as category of Finance and subcategory of Expense reports

See following screenshot for example of the setup of categories:

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 5.36.26 PM.png

The new classification will affect the following domains:

  • Definition of categories under setup: define new categories and subcategories. If you already have incidents classification by type, they will be renamed to category.

  • Creation of a new incident via the self service portal: portal user can indicate categories and subcategories when submitting a new incident. A new setup option allows admins to enable/disable this option.

  • Incident list: Categories and subcategories are also viewable in the incidents list page and can be used for filtering.

  • SLA rules: SLA rules can now be scoped to a specific category and subcategory.

  • Reports: The service desk related reports were enhanced to allow grouping by categories and subcategories.

What should you do?

  • If you currently enabled users of the self-service portal to choose incident type when submitting a new incident, they could now select a sub-category if one exists. We recommend that you notify them about this coming enhancement.

  • We recommend that you notify your application users about this upcoming change and how it will affect the incident and service catalog classification and reporting.

  • You may wish to also review your SLA rules to see if additional narrowing of the scope is required.

This change should arrive towards the end of April, 2014.

At your service,

The Samanage Team