Buggy Performance when assigning tickets.

Discussion created by 6644556 on Mar 31, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2014 by 6799114
Some members of our support team have reported issues when assigning tickets and changing states of tickets. They report that it either assigns them to none, or that it doesn't do anything. I have seen the issue myself.

When I assign the ticket to myself, nothing happens. Or it will set the status to Assigned but the Assigned to will be blank.

This seems to be a "ghost" error, as it works sometimes, and doesn't work other times. A coworker earlier reported the issue to me and immediately when I went to see what was happening, he was able to assign the ticket without any issues.

I'm posting this here instead of opening a ticket because I feel I do not have enough information to report a bug, but maybe someone else in the community has experienced this. What could this be? has anyone else experienced this?