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Product Update: Enhanced support for suspend SLA timer on inactive incident states

Discussion created by Yuval Pecht Employee on Mar 2, 2014

Samanage robust Service Level Management allows you to define service targets for the IT service desk team, and have Samanage monitor and alert on missed SLA targets. This provides an easy way for IT organizations to stay on top of the service levels they provide the organization.

Each SLA rule in Samanage has a target and an action. A target is what you measure against (together with the SLA goal), and an Action is what to do when a target is missed. For example: if ?an incident is not resolved within 2 days, using business hours? (the ?target?), then ?raise priority by +1 and notify the admin? (the ?action?).

With the latest enhancement, you can bind an SLA rule to your organization?s Business Hours and suspend an SLA rule if the incident state is inactive (?on hold? or ?awaiting input?). This gives you more flexibility to determine how your organization provides and tracks service delivery goals.

Below is the setting on the screen page:

And zoomed in:

The SLA timer operates according to the following four possibilities:

  1. Real time - if no business hours and no pause is applied - the timer operates 24 hours by 7 days per week by 365 days per year.

  2. Business hours applied - the timer operates according to the set business hours.

  3. Business hours not applied but pause on ?on hold? or ?awaiting input? is applied - the timer will work 24 hours by 7 days per week by 365 days per year but will pause on said states.

  4. Business hours & pause states are applied - timer will work according to business hours and will also pause on said states.

It is important to note that when creating SLA rules of type ?no actions taken?, pausing of SLA timer for these rules does not apply since they would breach upon no action being taken after a set time, and change of state to ?on hold? or ?awaiting reply? would cancel the breach in any case.

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