not receiving e-mails? Issues with notifications? Check the email log

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If you or one of your users are not receiving e-mails, you can check the email log.
Under setup you will find the e-mail log. By default it opens with the following view:


That view is showing all e-mails with issues. Deferred e-mails will be retried. Bounced e-mails indicate undeliverable and the e-mail for that user is marked as 'bounce'. For example if a user was added to Samanage before the actual e-mail setup was completed. In that case you can send an e-mail to support@samanage.com to have the bounce marking cleared.


You can also view all e-mails that are sent:


To confirm emails are sent/delivered or even opened.


You could also filter by user to find all email communication for a specific email address: