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Product Update: New navigation bar in Samanage Application & Self Service Portal

Discussion created by Yuval Pecht Employee on Feb 2, 2014

We are proud to announce a significant update to our user interface - a new navigation bar!

This new update is in line with our ongoing efforts to be on the cutting edge of usability. It is part of our continuous roll out plan for a new look and feel which will start with the navigation bar and will gradually expand to other user interface elements.

  • The new design significantly improves the navigation betweens and within modules. and enables our users to focus on their work.
  • It also maximizes available screen real estate for the user while keeping the major functionality hovering at the top for easy and immediate access.
  • These new concepts are in line with other great user interface designs as adopted by Google+, Twitter and many of the other leading websites.
  • We believe we managed to enhance sub section navigation and make it much easier now. The use of the collapsing navigation bar enables maximization of screen space while keeping you in focus even when scrolling down.

It should be noted that this change also affects the Self Service Portal (see screenshot below). You may wish to notify your users of the upcoming change.

See following screenshots for illustration - Navigation bar - two levels:

Note that each section can expand to the sub topics.

Navigation bar - collapsed to single floating level when scrolling down:

Navigation bar on Self Service Portal:

Clicking on the avatar icon enables the user to access his My Account settings as well as support, portal view and sign out:

Accessing the ?My Account? - the user is able to quickly edit his personal details:

Pressing the ?Plus? icon enables quick access to create new items:

Looking forward to your feedback!

The Samanage team