Missing computer assets

Discussion created by 6011364 on Jan 13, 2014
Did you install the agent, but you are not seeing the computer asset? Normally if you install the agent successfully it should show up in matter of minutes. There can be a couple of reasons why you wouldn't see it:
  1. the agent is installed with the incorrect TAG or account id. The TAG is to identify to which account the computer belongs. And incorrect TAG will prevent that the computer will be added to your account. Read below on how this can be resolved.
  2. the agent is correctly installed, but it can't communicate with our server most likely due to firewall/proxy settings.
  3. the agent is installed correctly, the agent is reporting, but you don't see it. Samanage offers a role based access model. Some users can only see assets for certain sites or departments and as long as an asset is not assigned to that site or department, it's not visible to that user. Auto assignment rules can be created under setup->organization, but the rules are applied by a batch job that runs every 2 hours.
If you are missing assets, due to reason 1, or you are not sure why. Please send an e-mail to support@samanage.com and provide the machine name(s) and/or serial numbers and we will check if the agent reported. If the agent reported with and incorrect TAG, you don't have to uninstall or reinstall. Actually, this will not solve that issue. Only after the TAG is changed on our server and after the agent sending data again, it will show up in your account.