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Monitoring your application with AppDynamics

Discussion created by Chris Walls Administrator on Sep 9, 2014

AppDynamics can be integrated into your Samanage service desk to automatically alert you (or one of your teams) to issues and potential problems with a given application. If you're using AppDynamics to monitor an application simply follow the integration instructions below:


1) You can create a category and subcategory in Samanage to identify these alerts as application alerts. If necessary you can select a user or a group as a default assignee. This will allow you to automatically notify this user or group when there is an Alarm from AppDynamics.  We will also create an email dropbox for this category: ''.


2) Select an Application from the AppDynamics Dashboard and click on 'Alert and Respond'





You will enter the dropbox that corresponds to the Samanage category for this alert created earlier. Once this is entered you can create a health rule for this alert.


3) There are default rules when creating a new alert, but you can edit or create specific rules as you need


4) Each alert has a few different areas that define the process that generates a ticket in Samanage.



This section defines what type of data this rule will monitor. You can also select the times of day that the rule applies and the delay between the violation and the alert.





Here you can select the IFrames that the rule applies to in your application.




Critical Condition

In this section you can define the alerts that you determine are critical to your application. Example: Database is full




Warning Condition

This area allows you to create warning messages to alert before an application issue becomes critical. Example: Database is 80% of capacity.




Once you save your rule, you will receive notifications from Samanage whenever the conditions set above are violated.