Chris Walls

How to integrate Boundary monitoring with Samanage?

Discussion created by Chris Walls Administrator on Sep 4, 2014

Your Samanage Service Desk can be used alongside Boundary to track and monitor issues with your servers and applications. This integration is quick to setup and easy to customize. This guide assumes that you have a Boundary account and have already added a server or application into Boundary.


1) For this example we will create a category and subcategory in Samanage to identify these alerts as server issues. If necessary you can select a user or a group as a default assignee. This will allow you to automatically notify this user or group when there is an Alarm from Boundary.  We will also create an email dropbox for this category:







2) Open up the Boundary settings panel, navigate to 'Actions' and add email.







3) Configure this action to send emails to the dropbox created for this category.




4) Next navigate to 'Alarms' and select an existing or add a new alarm. Configure the Alarm with your desired settings and select your Samanage Alert in the dropdown. This will add it to the list of actions. You can also uncheck check 'All Servers' and select a specific server to monitor.





Thats it! Once this alarm has been breached (If the Memory Usage is above 80% for a minute) then you will receive a ticket in Samanage and your Application Server team will be notified.