Chris Walls

How can I deploy on Linux with SSL?

Discussion created by Chris Walls Employee on Oct 16, 2014

We've recently had a few questions on deploying the linux agent to work with SSL. By default, the current version of the linux agent is set to communicate via http to, but it is very easy to configure the agent to work with SSL. This guide assumes you have installed the necessary prerequisites for Linux listed here


In order to configure this you will need to grab the cacert.pem file from either the Windows or Mac packaged agent. You can find this in the agent install directory, for example on windows this would be C:\ProgramData\OCS Inventory NG\Agent\cacert.pem


By following the instructions on the deployment page, you will be prompted to configure the agent. I've omitted the prompts for saving log files, as it is up to you if you want the agent to save logs. Below you will find the necessary settings to configure SSL



  1. What is the address of your ocs server?>
  2. Do you need credential for the server?> n
  3. Do you want to apply an administrative tag on this machine?> y
  4. tag?> Account_Name
  5. Do you want to install cron task?> y
  6. Do you want to disable SSL CA verification configuration option?> n
  7. Do you want to set CA certificate chain file path?> y
  8. Specify CA certification chain file path?> /path/to/