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Product Update: Service monitor introduced in incident view

Discussion created by Yuval Pecht Employee on Mar 24, 2014
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We are pleased to update on an improvement to the incident view - The service monitor - which provides you with an attractive visual indicator of the key milestones in the incidents? lifecycle.

Service monitor shows the key milestones under two columns:

  • Service time - takes into account the business hours of the associated site.

  • Elapsed time - is the ?real time? without business hours.

The key milestones covered are:

  • Time to Assignment: Duration from creation time to when an incident is first assigned.

  • Time to First Response: Duration from creation time to first response (first response is either first comment is sent to requestor, or state changes to Awaiting input/Resolved/Closed for the first time)

  • Time to Resolve: Duration from creation time to resolution (last time state changed to Resolved)

  • Time to Close: Duration from creation time to closure (last time state changed to Closed)

See following screenshot:


And zoom-in: