Tags: Auto-populate list for manually adding a tag

Idea created by Matthew Clements on Aug 15, 2018
    New Idea

    I would like to see an enhancement to the process of manually adding tags. The current method does not assist the agent in identifying what potentially related tags already exist, thus causing the addition of new tags for the same categorization of an item.


    As an example, if an agent wants to add a tag regarding a virtual server, Samanage should provide real-time, auto complete-like functionality to identify what preexisting tags exit to the user. In this case, typing the first letter "v" should identify that the tag "virtual server" already exists. 


    The lack of this feature creates duplicate entries which then creates a deficiency in the grouping of similar items under a single tag. To refer back to my example, a user could potentially create a tag of VM, Virtual Machine, Virtual Device, et cetera, all of which could be consolidated into the preexisting Virtual Server tag that would auto-populate for the user when they type in "v".


    ...and as I finish through the completion of this Idea in the community portal, the portal itself shows it already has this functionality:

    How can we  get this into our own Samanage instance?

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    This would create an efficiency in the categorization of data within the Samanage portal.