Service Catalog Dependent Dropdowns - multiple end questions

Idea created by Rhonda Henderson on Aug 10, 2018
    New Idea

    Currently the Service Catalog dependent dropdown functionality allows for a single text box at terminal point in the decision tree.  Quite often the bottom layer still needs several questions answered.  There is no way to do that within the current functionality. 


    For the visually oriented:

    Q 1: Select system affected - User selects a single system from a pick list.  For this example we will call them Systems 1, 2, and 3..  Our user selects System 1.

    •       System 1 box is now open and the question asked is: What sub-system is being affected? Again a pick list is shown with multiple sub-systems. User selects sub-system A
      • Subsystem A opens and all of the following questions need to be answered:
        • What information was entered in each of the fields.
        • What steps did you take that led to the error.
        • What is the urgency of this request, is it preventing you from working?
        • Is there any other information you can provide to aid in assisting with your issue?

    Right now the final layer must be a single input item. 

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    This enhancement would GREATLY reduce the number of different service catalogs we need to have to address issues.  Our end users really want fewer, more inclusive service catalogs. This enhancement would also ensure that our technicians are given the information necessary to resolve a system issue when the incident is submitted instead of multiple back and forth emails to gather critical data elements.