Reminder Objects For Certain Incidents

Idea created by Dyllan LaPointe on Aug 9, 2018
    New Idea
    • Elior Ashkenazi

    I'm hoping to see a way to either create a time-triggered reminder within an incident or have a time-triggered object to create a "Follow-Up" incident for specific types of incidents. This would ideally be used for requests such as offboarding or removable device access where temporary access to resources may be requested and later need to be removed. At the moment, we are having to manually set Outlook reminders to return to the incidents and revoke the temporary access. This has become cumbersome as of late, and we would like to see a Samanage feature to automate the "Follow-Up" incident or even a "Follow-Up" notification and task within the original incident

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Temporary access is granted for many reasons, but without reminders the revocation of this temporary access can be overlooked.