Have an incident automatically create a time based incident

Idea created by Patrick Cook on Aug 9, 2018
    New Idea

    We have termination request incidents in place for HR to submit when an employee is let go from the company. Our policy is to keep the user's account disabled, but forward mail to another user for 90 days. Right now we have to manually set reminders to stop the mail forward and delete the accounts. Plus we are required to create an incident when we permanently delete the user account. Since not ever employee let go falls exactly on the same day, scheduling incident creation with Samanage still requires a manual process on our part.


    We would like for there to be a way for an incident to automatically create a future incident that corresponds to a date range we can specify. Basically a termination request incident (when closed/resolved) would automatically create an incident that would fire off in 90 days reminding us to delete the user account.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    This would streamline our termination process and help reduce manual incident creation. We can see this type of feature being useful in other scenarios as well.