Application Integration - Create Tasks in Incidents

Idea created by PAUL PUTROW on Aug 2, 2018
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    My current project right now is trying to automate a lot of our redundant processes - IE New Hires


    My goal was to make a single Service Catalog Item that would create all the incidents needed for the process and the tasks to the required teams to do those incidents (there's some pre-work needed to be completed by Helpdesk to do these, as well as timing for dependencies, or i'd just fire them at the teams and ignore it)


    So far I have a single SCI that takes all the inbound information (Name, Role, Manager, etc) of the new hire and Creates the needed Incidents, all of which get automatically assigned to the helpdesk for tracking the new hire creation


    Issue currently is that, as confirmed by support, you *CANNOT* attach a task to an incident created by a catalog item. The only way the API works is by knowing the context_id of the incident you want to attach the task to - which you *cannot* know until after you've lost control of the automation. 


    "Task" as an object can't be touched in /incidents.json and requires incidents/INCIDENT_ID/tasks.json.


    The following syntax is correct as far as JSON cares, and makes logical sense programmatically



    It does not, however, work. The internal Integration seems to be kneecapped by its design. Allowing Incidents/Changes/etc that have tasks as part of their overall function, but not allow the integration to touch them at creation is debilitating.


    Even if, during incident creation, a temporary variable was referenceable that would only exist within the scope of the 'incident' braces. Or just allow the incident.json to accept a "task" array

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    overall usability of the api from within samanage itself and ease of automation for simple processes