Making the most out of Satisfaction Surveys

Idea created by Mike Moegling on Jul 20, 2018
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    • Jackie Kisinger
    • Arman Amlani
    • Clive Wetton

    Samanage surveys need tweaked, if possible, to be more useful for us.  Right now it does not seem the surveys are being used in a helpful way to us. These are the suggestions that I have to maybe make the Samanage surveys a little more useful for us:

    1. Comments need to be a mandatory field on Dissatisfied Surveys. With no comments it is hard to determine the problem to make us better.

    2. An email needs to be send to the assigned technician, so they know right away something is wrong instead of looking and finding out someone is dissatisfied. A satisfied survey email with a comment (maybe only the ones with comments) might be nice to get too, so we know what we did right and what is working, but for sure a dissatisfied survey email would be helpful. 

    3. Is there a way to set an expiration on a survey? Maybe 3-5 days?  I would think after a week or two, submitting a survey, whether good or bad, is not super helpful as we all have moved on and may not remember the issue 1-2 weeks later or even longer than that.@

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    We can reach out to a dissatisfied customer, but at the moment the ticket result is marked dissatisfied, that is the moment to capture their thoughts and to explain why they were dissatisfied. When ticket is marked as dissatisfied, the agent and the agents supervisor/manager should get an email. This marks the issue with a notice and rather than watch for something to fall in via the dashboard, the parties who need to be in the know, are now notified. Surveys should also have an expiration date which makes them more expedient and the memory of the incident is still fresh in the agents mind.