GDPR Compliance

Idea created by Tom Kelsall on Jul 17, 2018
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    • Hasan Sert
    • Tom Kelsall

    OK we all know it's here already. But.


    At our organisation, we have a requirement for the General Public to be able to use our Samanage to log tickets for our Assets (as in buildings, properties) Helpdesk. This means of course that we're processing their personal data, and need to have robust facilities in place to find, edit and delete that personal information for a particular person.


    At the moment, we have the Search facility which returns results from too wide a frame to be of use in this way; can you imagine manually sifting through 23,471 results to see if that search result DOES in fact have a reference to Joanna Bloggs ( or


    I am therefore asking for a robust set of GDPR-Targeted tools which will enable the quick and easy location of personal data for a person, which can then be redacted or de-personalised in an automated way from tickets, assets and other records.


    This, in my personal opinion, should take a very high priority in your development cycle, simply due to the huge fines which organisations may be subject to if they fail to honour requests by data subjects.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    It will massively improve the GDPR Compliance status of Samanage-using organisations. It will further enhance Samanage's global reputation in being one of the first Service Management Tooling applications to present a really robust and useable GDPR solution.