"Groups I'm In" Filter

Idea created by Jesse Brohinsky on Jul 10, 2018
    New Idea

    Using filters for Incidents, Changes, Problems, and Releases, you can specify multiple "Assigned To" values. Among those values is the very helpful "Me" filter, which will filter for anything that's assigned to you.


    However, this does not work with groups. If a new group is created, and you are added to it, you have to know to add that group to your filters, otherwise you may miss tickets that are assigned to you.


    I'd like to see another dynamic filter (Just like the "Me" filter) that would automatically include all of the groups you are a part of. That way you can save your filter for Assigned To: "Me" and Assigned To: "Groups I'm In" and have a clear understanding of what is assigned to you.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    This actually resulted in a very real, serious problem. We had a TLS v1.2 patch request come in, but it was assigned to a group, not a user. The patch had a due date of July 1st, because the bank turned off TLS v1.1 on that date. Since we didn't have the group in our assigned to filter, the patch request was not visible, and we missed the due date.