Disable Priority Selection, But Make Visible on Portal

Idea created by Chris McPheat on Jun 27, 2018
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    • Chris McPheat

    I would like a way to disable the ability for Requesters to select Priority when submitting incidents via the Portal, but at the same time have the Priority visible to Requesters via the Portal after the Incident has been submitted.


    Basically, I'd like the Service Agents to be able to decide the Priority after an Incident has been created, and then have the Priority be visible to the Requesters afterwards. The only option I can see is to have the Priority be visible, or not visible, within Setup > Service Portal. But that doesn't really solve the problem.







    With this feature, we would be able to upload an article in our Samanage Knowledge Base with the descriptions of each of our Priority Levels, allowing our Requesters the ability to investigate why their Incident has been assigned a specific Priority, and how it fits in to the overall operation of the Service Desk team and furthermore, the organisation as a whole.


    Example below:





    What problem will this feature solve?:
    At the moment, we have to completely hide the Priority field on the Portal in order to disable the ability for Requesters to select the Priority themselves upon submitting.