Separate Note Area from Comments

Idea created by Erika Swafford on Jun 18, 2018
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    • Erika Swafford
    • Christy Smith
    • Scott Young
    • Steven Tunstill

    Hello - It would be more user friendly to have a separate note section for private comments.  (Could put private notes/comments in the right-hand menu perhaps?)  And have the same formatting/pasting options like you do for comments.


    The issue I see my team running into with public and private comments is that it will be far too easy to send a public comment when it was meant to be private and vice versa. 


    It would also help to find any private notes easier without having to scroll through public comments.




    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Accidentally sending a public comment when it was meant to be private and vice versa. Private notes will be easier to find without having to scroll through comments.