Would love to see Dependent Dropdown variables in Service Catalog improved by allowing Multiple variables to be nested/tiered, not just one at a time

Idea created by John C Lyons on Jun 14, 2018
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    • Josh Mills

    I love the new Dependent Dropdown variables, they are a great start. However, by limiting them to just single-tiered dependent variables at a time they are quite limited in design options.


    For example, using your own tutorial for reference, if someone wants to purchase a new computer and the options are initially Desktop Type, Laptop Type, Tablet Type, etc we should be able to make the dependent dropdown more complicated than just allowing a single variable to show based on their selection.


    LAPTOP TYPE is selected

    then MACBOOK PRO OPTIONS is selected

    what if we have more than one variable dependent on that selection and we want the user to see them ALL at that stage?


    Not just MacBook Pro 13" or MacBook Pro 15" but also


    How much RAM? (various selections specific just to MacBook Pro 13)

    Special Software? (various selections specific just to MacBook Pro 13)

    Accessories? (various selections specific just to MacBook Pro 13)

    All dependent variables viewable at once based on selecting "MacBook Pro 13"


    Basically I just need a Dependent Dropdown that allows me more than single, baby steps. If you guys can allow an unlimited amount of other Variables to show at once based on a single selection that would be great!

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Will allow a much more clean and simplified user experience. Can also clean-up and eliminate the need for a wide variety of single-use Service Catalog menu items and instead make single "catch-all" menu items. For example, we have an Account Services category and under that a long list of special account and application access requests (Banner Access Request, SAP Access Request, BDM Access Request, etc) would be great to just have a SINGLE "Application Access Request" Service Catalog item that then has Dependent Dropdowns that are all unique to which service is selected: Banner (with its own set of dependent variables), SAP, BDM, etc...