What does "Priority" actually mean to an End User?

Idea created by Jason Dupuis on Jun 12, 2018
    New Idea

    Is there any chance of there being some way to notify the user of the meaning of Low, Med, High and Critical?  It seems that if they are users, they always pick high priority or Critical.  They are users.  If there was somewhere that we could give an example of Priority:


    low - almost out of doughnuts / this is only happening to me

    Medium - 2 doughnuts left / my whole department is affected

    high - out of doughnuts / whole site is affected

    Critical - doughnut store will be closed shortly / entire company is affected


    Even some sort of pop up bubble would make the task easier.


    We found that with some sort of guidance, the acuracy of end user submitted tickets was a lot better than with no idication of the meanings.



    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Accuracy of information and time saving. No chasing the user to find out exactly how important/not important requests/incidents are.