Layered SLA

Idea created by Jamie Milks on May 31, 2018
    Long term plan

    Most SLA's have 4 parts to it depending on the priority so if you have 

    Low - 4 days

    Med - 2 days (6 days if you have low changed to Med)

    High - 1 day (7 days if you have Medium changed to High)

    Critical - 4 hours (7 days, 4hours if you have High changed to Critical)


    This would make a single Category/Subcategory need to have 4 SLA's created for it.  Would it be possible to:

    1. Combine all of these into 1 SLA rule
    2. Have smart calculations for the escalations (first level time + second level time = breach)
    3. Have a breakdown of what the rule does
    4. Add Group as a scope possability 
    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Clear up multiple SLA rules