Announcements: Visibility for Agents

Idea created by Anna Stocks on May 31, 2018
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    The release of the announcements feature was greatly received by us. We are running a busy environment in the midst of huge system changes and regularly need to use the announcements, particularly as we do not have an internal comms solution (yet) and are trying to avoid emailing everyone. 


    Having an announcement clearly there, and showing even when the user persists to log an incident is a great benefit to us. 


    15% of our employees are agents, and only 2% of those are in the IT dept. This means that there's a large portion of our staff that regularly submit incidents for IT but never see the portal view. They miss out on lots of the requester (portal) view but right now, this is the most important for our deployment of Samanage.


    A mock up of how the agent announcement could look


    I've made a quick mock-up of how I imagine it could look. I've moved the "Show Help" button above, but this could potentially move to be inline with the actions bar below. The announcement bar is yellow because it's more obvious than the current colour scheme, but it'd be great if we had flexibility over which colour we wanted this to be .

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Agents from departments outside of IT will see vital announcements, which they currently can not view as they do not use the portal view. This helps reduce unnecessary duplicate incidents for wide-scale issues that we are already aware of (e.g. email isn't working, WiFi is down, phones aren't working)