Scheduled status change

Idea created by Jason Dupuis on May 28, 2018
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    • Byron Poe
    • Cody DeVecht
    • Chris Brown

    I think a nice feature to add would a scheduled status change option.  Something that if you, say, put a request on hold for example, you can schedule the status to change automatically. 


    My own example is that I have a termination notice that is over 2 weeks away for a user.  If i put the ticket on hold, I may not remember to look at it and the date will pass by.  Our previous Help Desk had an option where, when the ticket was placed on hold, you could set a scheduled date that the status would change to whatever was specified.  So you could put the ticket on hold until the due date, then on the sceduled day, it will automagically change status and I'll remember to do the termination on time.




    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Tickets being on hold and falling through the cracks, Missed due dates, forgotten deadlines