Mark Incidents As "Favorites" In Service Desk View

Idea created by Kai Sheets on May 25, 2018
    New Idea

    It would be quite helpful to be able to mark and un-mark incidents as "Favorite" (maybe with a star or something) in Service Desk view.

    While it is possible to create a "Favorite:  Yes/No" column that will display in Service Desk view, it's not very convenient to have to edit each ticket individually to mark them as a favorite, and to not be able to change this status in service desk view.  There does not appear to be a way to make a dropdown menu/checkbox that is editable in service desk view.



    • Make a "Favorite" column selectable in Service Desk view
    • Favorite column would have a star icon corresponding to each ticket that can be toggled on or off, denoting a ticket as a favorite or not a favorite.  (See quickly photoshopped image below for reference)
    • ON/OFF status of favorite icon should be retained on page reload or navigating away from service desk view.
    • Ticket "Favorite" status should be a selectable variable for automations and mass update.


    Mock-up of "Favorite" incident icon

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Cannot mark incidents as "favorites" or "starred" outside of existing incident categories and priorities. Would allow agents to set their own priorities without affecting the incident's overall priority level.