Incidents - Time to SLA Breach Column

Idea created by John Noone on Apr 26, 2018
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    • Nate Riley
    • John Noone
    • Jeff Barhyte
    • Matt Olive

    We have a dept goal of zero SLA breaches for incidents. In managing incidents that are assigned to me, sometimes my list of assigned incidents gets long enough that prioritizing by "which incidences are threatening to have an SLA breach" would be helpful.

    However, there is no readily available way to determine this. I can do the arithmetic by looking at what date and time an incident was posted and then looking at the priority and then referring to the priority/SLA matrix in order to determine how much time I have left on each incident before it has an SLA breach. 

    But that's what we have computers for. Samanage has all this information and uses it declare the occurrence of SLA breaches.

    So the availability of a column with that information would be very helpful.

    I realize maybe we don't want Samanage to perform these simple calculations every time it displays a list of incidences, but an optional button to run the routine to show "Time Remaining Before SLA Breach" or "SLA Breach will occur at: " for the list of displayed incidences would be a great aid in preventing SLA breaches. 


    Samanage holds all the information it needs to do this, it is a matter of making the information available to the user.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Providing "Time Remaining to SLA Breach" or "SLA Breach will occur at:" as a column or optional information that can be called by routine would be extremely helpful in managing assigned incidences when avoiding SLA breach is a priority.