Allow 2 tier resolution codes

Idea created by Stephen Jephcott on Apr 23, 2018
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    • Stephen Jephcott
    • Josh Nasiatka

    When a call is created, it is quite often not 100% possible to know what the actual issue is.  Due to this, we are looking at making the entry classifications quite wide - i.e. Slow Computer.


    To allow better statistics we would like to use the resolution codes as an exit categorisation, meaning we could put more accurate classifications when a call is closed.  I know it's possible to go back and change the entry classification to better match what the call is about but this is (a) time consuming, (b) cannot guarantee this will be done, especially in a high pressured environment and (c) would not allow the management to see how wide of the mark the initial category selection was (to improve training etc).


    For this to work correctly, would it be possible to add a 2 or even 3 tier resolution code/fields with the option to either make it optional or mandatory i.e. Low Memory/Memory Upgraded or HDD Specific Application/Upgraded to SSD.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Allow for better reporting of calls and as such highlight training requirements and more accurate reporting