Auto-launch New Incident Window From Help Desk Phone Call

Idea created by Drew Haege on Apr 18, 2018
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    • Nate Riley

    The idea is simple in concept...end user calls the well-known phone number of the Help Desk. This call enters an ACD queue within a modern day phone system. The Samanage Agent answers the call out of this queue and at the moment the call is being answered, the phone system triggers the 'New Incident' pop-up window. Now, the agent can start entering in the important contact info and issue details the moment they say "Hello, thank you for calling the IT Help Desk". 

    New Incident Window


    Now, the next evolution in this idea would be for the phone system to actually perform a query against some internal user database like Active Directory to obtain contact information like name, department, location, phone number automatically and "pre-fill" information into the Samanage incident. This would be even better because the agent would have the annoying part of every help desk call out of the way.


    I am going to work with our outside Cisco Voice engineer to see what he can come up with. Should he make the phone system part of this equation work, I'll follow-up in the comments on this feature request to share the details.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    It will guarantee tickets are created for every call. Additionally, it will optimize the time spent on the phone with end user having to explain the issue.