Dependent Dropdowns from Multi-Picklist

Idea created by Chad Brown on Apr 9, 2018
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    • Hasan Sert
    • Healey, Ian
    • Jason Phelps
    • Susan Procter
    • Jackie Kisinger
    • Aaron March
    • Chad Brown
    • Chris Prescimone
    • Steve Blackburn

    Requesting the addition of the Dependent Dropdowns being selectable from a Multi-Picklist.



    1. Multi-Picklist called Application Access
      • Financial Application
      • Asset Management
      • Media Access
      • VPN Access
      • AD Access


    If someone selects Financial Application, need it to produce a dropdown asking "what level of access" essentially.

    If someone selects Media Access, need to know if it is Read or Write.

    If someone selecs VPN Access, need to know if it is temporary or indefinite.


       2.   Multi-Picklist called Purchase Required

    • PC
    • Software
    • Mobile Device


    If someone selects PC, need it to produce a dropdown of Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or Virtual

    If someone selects Software, need it to produce a multi-picklist of Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, TOAD, Visual Studio

    If someone selects Mobile device, need it to produce a dropdown of iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy 9

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    This would prevent us from having to make Service Requests that are dozens of questions long (each value in the multi-picklist now has to be a separate question), slowing down the process.