QR Book for Mobile Devices

Idea created by Sumesh Karki on Apr 6, 2018
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    • Sumesh Karki

    We are at ease because Samanage has provided us with QR Book tab under Inventory(i.e. Computers, Other Assets etc.) in Action item. We can select the items and print QR Codes in bulk for tagging assets, but recently my team noticed that we do not have QR Book tab under Action section for Mobile Devices and it is really hard to download the QR Code and edit manually only then print. It takes a lot of time to complete that. So I think it would be really helpful and time as well as effort saving if Samanage would provide QR Book tab under Mobile Devices--->Action section.
    I have also shared this idea with Josh Mills and Yum Darling
    Below is the example pictureThis is where we would want QR Book tab. You have similar QR Book tab under Computers or Other Assets, but as you can see in the picture we do not have QR Book tab under Mobile Devices section.:

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    It helps us manage time and effort as we do not have to manually download the QR Code then upload it in editor then insert text for each one, only then print one by one for multiple devices. It helps us work fast and more efficiently. You know how much QR Book tab is important for tagging in bulk in other inventory section (i.e. Computers, Other Assets etc.). It helps us to print in bulk for Mobile Devices similar to Computers and Other Assets.