Expand # of Allowed Resolution Codes

Idea created by Joe Stan on Mar 22, 2018
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    • Stephen Jephcott
    • Joe Stan
    • Nate Riley

    I have encountered there is a max of 30 allowed resolution codes. For an environment like ours, this is too limited. I would suggest allowing up to 50 as a minimum or 100 or unlimited number. To further expand upon this, it would be great to allow the Ticket Categories drive what resolution codes are available in the drop down list. So if you were to expand to allow unlimited number of resolution codes, techs will not have to traverse through so many of them at one, only the ones pertinent to the resolving category selected will define for the technician what resolution codes they should choose from that may or will apply. 

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Remove limit on number of Resolution Codes, make them dynamic based on Ticket Categories, resulting in faster ticket closure and consistent closing ticket responses and codes across a technician team.